Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reflecting on my year bye bye 2012

2012 review


 Photoshoot for Cherie Bombs (hopefully will be released 1st quarter 2013)

Got a little frustrated with the acting thing after a debate with my agent about a role I refused to audition for because the character showed her breast. Smh not exactly what I am wanting to do in my career even though I love to work. I am not willing to sacrifice my happiness or who I am for money period all money aint good money! I had to get away for a while. I am not from California I am a east coast girl after being in LA to long it wears on my spirit…


A friend of mine wanted to open a restaurant and asked me if I would help so I left and went to Houston, then another friend invited me to leave for the weekend and we were off to Puerto Rico then back to Houston. (NO PICTURES OF P.R. Some things are private)

RIP Whitney Houston :(


Opened a restaurant in Houston LOL "Datts It" A TMZ story finally Telling the truth

 Left Houston 30 pounds heavier to come back to LA and work.


Shot The Therapist with Isaac Keys! 

17th RIP Aunt Donna


Since J.M. Benjamin never paid me a dime for my first book "Around The World Twice" I figured it was time to start my own started my own publishing company because I am not finished telling stories in my own voice.
My Cousin Chanel came from DC to visit the cousins Dani is taking this picture so she isn't in it I couldn't find one with everyone.


 I dissolved my partnership in the restaurant “Datts It” I had made a spontaneous decision to help a friend without thinking it all the way through and wasn’t comfortable with the way my name was being represented when I wasn’t there. A week later the restaurant closed.

Spent some much needed time with the most amazing woman I have ever met!
                                                                    MY MOMMY

I helped Cherise move from Vegas. Fun road trip thats me in the U-Haul OH Boy LOL

Final edits on novel Peaches & Cream.


 Released long awaited Peaches & Cream at the BlackBook Expo

12th RIP lil Cuzzo Diamond 6 days shy of his 18th birthday :(

25th my sister Dani Wrights video shoot.

                                                  ANTWON POKER NIGHTS LMFAO


Did a cameo on a film that will be release 2014.  Auditioned a little, back to spend a little time in Puerto Rico and got a script sent to me I got excited and disappointed because the role of my life came around playing a drug addict but I had to pass because the character got naked and the director was stuck on the look they wanted. L I just couldn’t do it…Well I wouldn’t do it.


My friend and Emmy Nominated Director Gregori J Martin called me and asked if I would be interested in playing a crack head in his up and coming movie. (Confirmation that God is real, I am his child, and if you ask you shall receive when you have faith) I was disappointed just under a month prior now my dream role was here. Thanks to Gregori and he wasn’t asking me to go against my morals to play the role…Thank you God. Of course I took the job!

Kevin Reed passed away around the same time we were all in DC for Howard's Homecoming the year before.                                
                                              2011 Wes, Dennis & I on the party bus Thanks K!

K.Reed had a hand in introducing me to someone special and he made me understand how important it was to not take people and time for granted they might not always be there. We decided it was time for us to start spending more time together. Best decision I have made in a long time. I often get caught up with work and forget to take time to spend with people I love!

Jacelyn had her bridal shower self-realization that we were no longer children we were adults and it was time to grow up.

I got a email from director Deaundra Brown who was getting ready to do a Sci-Fi movie called "Plum" she offered me the role of Scientist Tara of course I took it. I am all for doing things I have NEVER done.


Nov.  5th I got a call from Michael Sterling the director of “Behind The Pole” and was officially hired to star along side of Omar Gooding, DeAndre Bonds, and my friend GI! Houston BABY! (I love Houston)

Nov 6th My Mom & I Voted! Voting is very important to me, always emotional and something I have done with my Mom since the first time. In her life time women couldn't always vote, (and she isn't old) I don't take it for granted! I fight for things I believe in.

15th started working on the film "Plum"
                     Scientist Tara!

Nov 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony for Alzheimer's  I was the Masters of Ceremony.

18th Jacelyn’s Wedding (the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen)

21st My 37th birthday / My sister Shannon's 36th Birthday

23rd my Loves Birthday

24th started filming

My Lil Love back in Boston went to school using the very same lunch box I use to use 30 years ago, Thanks Mommy for saving it!


I mostly spent the month shooting all 3 movies at the same damn time LOL Craziness.

10th I decided to prematurely start selling my new hair product “Wild Cherry” Hair Fresheners it wasn’t suppose to be released until the new year. I was looking at 1500 bottles my hairdresser made and said to myself why not LOL.
                                                  1oz $7.50  2oz $15.00  4oz $22

My beautiful stylist Melanie who hand makes the product and has been doing and using it on my hair over 20 years now!

20th all my films had wrapped.

21st I had dinner at Chaya in Beverly Hills with director Lilli Mata and was hired to produce an all women character driven film January “When Life Keeps Getting In The Way” I am really excited about this one. Lead character is Lebanese and a war survivor. AMAZING SCRIPT!

22 My first day off J I was working16 hours a day and working all 3 projects at the same time averaging 116 hours of work a week. People kill me complaining about a 60 hour work week.

25th Christmas with the Family.

As the New Year approaches I like to reflect on the year and figure out what I have learned. 
1st I am super proud of my Nephew & Niece because they are wonder children who are bright and intelligent. They are excelling in school, sports, they worked Non-Stop this year booking a bunch of Print Ad's, Commercials, Films & TV! I see a very promising future for these 2! I am also proud of my Brother and his wonderful wife because their parenting and team work is impeccable, the babies are 3rd generation Hollywood its in their blood and they are doing what they love, not what anyone else wants them to do!

I have learned a lot about people and friendships. Biggest lesson people don’t last forever but the memories of them do. I will make awesome memories every chance I get.

Also I waste my time putting 100% into my relationships with people who give me 50%. I am trying to figure out how to balance that out.

When you can't change others sometimes you gotta change yourself or your environment when you feel it’s not conducive to your growth. They say the closes 5 people to you are a reflection of you 
(I changed my circle & changed my life)

I often put to much time into other peoples wants and needs and not as much into myself. 

Oh and the public LMFAO I have become more voicestress than ever. The public feels like they can say whatever and the hell they want to me… I am learning how to say whatever and the hell I want in return and it feels good!

Decided I am tried of always combing my hair I am over the flatiron! I get tired after blowdrying I am going back to curly I've gotten really comfortable leaving the house like this!
I'm ok with the curly and the zit!

No New Years resolutions just to considerate on my damn self and do what makes Cherie happy and tick!

I will leave you with my big brothers words. "How you spend your New Year is how you will spend the rest of your year."

I will have a clean house no laundry and only positive people around me. 
                                                   No Drinking and Driving Please be safe! 

                                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bich Nga Hair Design                                                            713.521.3692
2621 Miliam St Ste E
Houston TX 77006
Forthward, Midtown

Am I the ONLY one who takes offense to this?  Really how did they get this off? A more important question is who is giving them business? We have come far but I see more and more with my own eyes we have a lot further to go!

Check out this scenario…
Girl One: “Girl where do you get your hair done?”
Girl Two: “Bich Nga”
Girl One: “What you call me?”

It’s all bad from there. You get my point? You see the turn for the worse right there. Titles and names mean so much. Everyone wants to be a wife not a baby momma. Changing your last name as a woman wouldn’t mean so much to a man when you get married if names were not important. People spend 9 months trying to pick a name when a woman is carrying a child. Cities have to often approve signs that are put up before a company can go in business. Right there what does that tell you? If the sign could possibly offend another race but African American (as they like to call us) would it still be allowed to stand up? I get it this is someone's name but often times when Asian decent people come to the United States they have American names that they chose to go by so why this? Why now?

We always complain to each other but what do we do to make a change?
The Code Enforcement Group has 300 + employees and regulates all construction within the city limits. This group enforces the City of Houston Construction Codes for both residential and commercial construction. The group also enforces the Houston Sign Code. 

Main Office - 1002 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77002 phone: 832.394.9000 Online Permit Line: 832.394.8852.

Maybe I’m just another sensitive Bich Nga? Don’t take my word for it investigate for yourself…