Sunday, August 29, 2010

Around The World Twice

Acclaimed actress, screenwriter and  producer, Cherie Johnson can now add "author" to her list of accomplishments.

Together with Kathie Scott, Cherie Johnson's first (of many endeavors) into the world of writing, they put together a book everyone will be able to enjoy. It revolves around an actress named Ashley, who is a successful half Black/half Latina living what appears to be a glamorous Hollywood lifestyle; for those on the outside looking in. The truth is, she is tired of failed relationships and is fearful of being alone. While struggling to find love, she begins to question herself.

Then there is Lilian. Lilian cashed in on the normal life of a housewife early. Marrying the guy "all the girls wanted" back in high school, white house, with the picket fence etc, she was living the "American Dream". Her dream life soon becomes one that resembles a nightmare leaving her vulnerable.
Myself and my publisher J M Benjamin

Around The World Twice is a story about two best friends whose lives are synonymous despite the different social class circles they traveled in. It is a story of true friendship in which both ladies together contribute to building each other up in order to become better and stronger women as well as triumphant in love for self and another.

This book is something that holds a lot of pride for Cherie. It is a well written body of work that should be taken in by all. If not to get a better understanding of what a lot of women feel, but one could also gain a better prospective of one's self. Give it a chance; would do you have to lose? Click here to order now!

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Book Signing Schedule

8/21/10 Black Book Expo, Los Angeles, CA
9/25/10 Smiley’s Books, Carson CA