Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reflecting back on my 2011 all I can do is smile. Personally it was a amazing year!

January - Started writing for Glam Couture Magazine, Houston 411 magazine & I partied like I was 18 smh!

February- the rumor mill went nuts, Married to shyhiem while engaged to Ricky Romance.

March- I did a lot of writing and partied! No Pictures No Pictures Rock Star Vegas shit!

April - I won "Readers Choice" at the AAMBC Awards! I was gay kissing Jillisa Lynn in my Peaches & Cream trailer.

and I did Playboy says TMZ & MTO asks are my boobs real of fake.

I starred in my first short film "Interpersonal" directed by my favorite student Michael Spath! (Sorry to my other students but its the truth he was thirsty for knowledge and his hard work shows that.  Plus I fell in love again w/ the craft watching my co-star Kamal bring those tears!

May- UCLA reggae festival w/good friends Cherise, Church, Isaac & Chaz!

Then of course I had to Party a little more!!

June- I won the Opulence Humanitarian award! 

Was hired to write for Dimez Magazine and Temptation.

July- I had a kick ass time in Indianapolis w/my bro bro Antwon Tanner at celeb basketball game!

August- OMG Fire Island Gay Pride weekend in NY was off the hook thank you MTO for Posting my girl on girl kiss because they paid for me to party all weekend on the beach with beautiful people! Spent Time in NJ w/family.

played the dating game and went on my first girl date LMFAO  it was horrible everyone disliked her she had a bad attitude! She forgot it was a game and wanted a real date with some alone time. (Lets just say she was not Jillisa Lynn & people tell her she looks like Morris Chestnut smh she is no Morris)

on the stoop w/roomie
A Little Detour Dear (insider) but truly redirected my path THANK GOD!

September- I cupcaked and spent time...wrote, photshoots normal work stuff.

October- I hit the road with my Bro Bro Antwon Tanner to shoot a film in Wilmington NC which we co-directed &  produced. 

Houston for the annual reunion with my girls (Janice, Cle’Che Me and Bitty) 

GI and Houston 411 magazine party!   

Then to DC for Howard University's Homecoming meeting back up with Antwon who was off to Miami shooting another film. A mini private vacation 4 me in a undisclosed destination while Antwon flew back to Miami, then 4 days later we were back together in Wilmington just in time for some blog to post pictures on the set for me & Dominic Santana and "WE" found out we were dating (from a crew member)  in real life while doing a scenes together being directed by Antwon who was suppose to be the one that hooked this behind the scenes love affair up! LMFAO Antwon has never hooked me up now his wife is a whole different story but we will keep this PG-13...

The same day almost at the same time I severed ties with my publishing company due to business differences...J.M. Benjamin and I might not be doing a lot of business together 2012 but I will always hold him close to my heart and remember everything he taught me!

November- The film started to wind down and our stay in our beautiful condo came to an end. As we kissed Wilmington NC good bye my bro bro Antwon was helping me re pack my bags at check in because of course I had over packed! Then he got tired of me like a great big brother and paid for my bags (thanx Antwon)while handing me my boots that I put on my feet while taking my rain boots off and giving them to the lady who checked us in because she refused for me to throw them away and we wore the same size. After going through security I kissed my brother on top of his bald head while watching him walk to gate 3 and I went to gate 4. We both flew to different directions his plane west mine north east but were on the phone w/each other at our lay overs and when we landed! LOL 56 days and 14 airplanes later my home zip code officially changed.

Dec- My family is forever growing, The holidays, reflection and appreciation time. Plus I wasn't going to let the season go by with out getting in a Steeler Game!

Started a few new projects that I will be able to talk about next year! 

Debating look for a new publisher or do it myself...I gotta get Peaches & Cream out to people. The book is hot and just waiting to be released but the business gotta be right!

* These were just the bullet points of my year! I am grateful my family is all healthy and happy I can't ask for anything more!

All in all it was a great year and I learned a few big lessons. The main one is people are stupid they love gossip & really believe tabloids! Its a billion dollar a month business and I never realized "Stalker" was a job title by the name of paparazzi! Other things I learned...

1) Celebrity means nothing more than a bunch of people Think and assume They know all about you as a person and they really don't know shit!

2) Your home is not a place its who is there when u walk in the door.

3) When Antwon & I left we were suppose to be gone 10 days. We ended up together 56 days. We didn't pack enough of anything but we didn't miss anything material either! God supplied us with everything we needed and more!

4) My soul-mate had been there longer than I realized I just opened my eyes and all of a sudden everything in my past made sense!

5) My family is full of the most amazing people I know and I appreciate them more than ever!


Thank you Lord for the amazing gift of life you gave me this year I promise when you give me next year I will make you proud! God Bless you all I love you!!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


October 1, 2011

My friend Author Cherise Joy Thomas and I hopped in the car grabbed a bite to eat and made our way from Malibu to Bakersfield. When we landed off Ming Ave we were surprised we ran right into the mall as we exited. We were a 40 mins early so we figured we might have to check out what Bakersfield had to offer. What do you know we loved it. Looking at the clock time went by so fast before we knew it it was time to jump in the car and head over to Russo's Book Store. It was in a beautiful shopping center and Jason was there to welcome me with open arms as we walked in.

Not sure if I would sale anything at all I was excited when I sold everything in the store had and everything in my bag before I left made for a great day. NBC stopped by for a interview they were super sweet and it was a full circle moment for me because Punky Brewster was on NBC. I got a chance to meet some wonderful people, Mr. Ludwig was a great man who set the signing off buying 2 books from there it all went so fast before I knew it IT WAS OVER!!

I pray to visit Russo Books again and again with new releases...

Miss. Ross is heading a business women's conference 2012 in Bakersfield, CA and I will be there.

Thanx, Bakersfield!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Around The World Twice: Peaches & Cream

Around The World Twice: Peaches & Cream: "Well for my sophomore novel I wanted to do it bigger and better than I did for the last one. I mean that what your suppose to do right do b..."

Peaches & Cream

Well for my sophomore novel I wanted to do it bigger and better than I did for the last one. I mean that what your suppose to do right do better every time? Well I knew some people would be uncomfortable with the choices that I made for my book trailer ( and I am OK with that). What I didn't know is so many people are infatuated with sexuality or homosexuality. 600,000 people click on a MTO story to see if it was real if I was gay or straight! Please tell me what you think? I just wish I could encourage 600,000 people to read!
Peaches and Cream is about Peaches a little girl from Duquesne, PA. Who is wise beyond her years. She has big dreams and realizes early on that the choices she makes can change her world and her families. She doesn't comprehend the words "No" and "You can't." She is what some might call an over achieve. Cash rules everything around her but where she over achieve in momentary things she lacks in understanding of human emotions due to a family secret that haunted her from childhood. She's got the money, the cars, clothes and she is successful. Peaches don't like labels and refuses to define her sexuality by labeling herself to make others comfortable and she doesn't care how anyone feels about it or her. While in the mist of struggling to better herself by all means necessary life's obstacle's would not get the best of her she would get the best of any and everyone who stood in the way of her goals. Peaches had a point to prove to the most important person in her life and that was herself. She was going to get to the top and stay at the top. Her ego forces her to make decisions that will haunt her forever.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AAMBC 2011 Book Awards I WON!!

OMG I am so excited and I feel so blessed! I have only been a author for 8 months and to be nominated for a award was a great honor now to actually win is amazing. First I would like to thank my co-author Kathie Scott because without you "Around The World Twice" would not be here. You have taught me a lot about friendship! J.M. Benjamin you have been a great mentor and a friend. I appreciate you taking a chance on me as a writer!! Last but not least EVERYONE who purchased and supported the book you guys have been the biggest part of making my dream come true! I have wanted to write a book since I was 5 years old. I can never put in words how much this all means to me. Life is about moments and this is one I will remember forever!!

Thank You,

Look here are all the 2011 winners below!

2011 AAMBC Literary Award Winners

AAMBC Author of the Year 
Rahiem Brooks
Breakout Author of the Year
Traci Bee
Indie Book Store of the Year
Urban Knowledge Book Store
Book Club of the Year
Chicago Reading Circle
Magazine of the Year
Publicist of the Year
Dawn Hardy
Indie Publisher of the Year
Triple Crown Publications
Street Lit Writer of the Year
Reviewer of the Year
Urban Book Source
Poet of the Year
Marc Lacey
Male Author of the Year
Brian W. Smith
Romance Author of the Year
Trice Hickman
Female Author of the Year
Karla Brady
Readers Choice
Cherie Johnson