Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bich Nga Hair Design                                                            713.521.3692
2621 Miliam St Ste E
Houston TX 77006
Forthward, Midtown

Am I the ONLY one who takes offense to this?  Really how did they get this off? A more important question is who is giving them business? We have come far but I see more and more with my own eyes we have a lot further to go!

Check out this scenario…
Girl One: “Girl where do you get your hair done?”
Girl Two: “Bich Nga”
Girl One: “What you call me?”

It’s all bad from there. You get my point? You see the turn for the worse right there. Titles and names mean so much. Everyone wants to be a wife not a baby momma. Changing your last name as a woman wouldn’t mean so much to a man when you get married if names were not important. People spend 9 months trying to pick a name when a woman is carrying a child. Cities have to often approve signs that are put up before a company can go in business. Right there what does that tell you? If the sign could possibly offend another race but African American (as they like to call us) would it still be allowed to stand up? I get it this is someone's name but often times when Asian decent people come to the United States they have American names that they chose to go by so why this? Why now?

We always complain to each other but what do we do to make a change?
The Code Enforcement Group has 300 + employees and regulates all construction within the city limits. This group enforces the City of Houston Construction Codes for both residential and commercial construction. The group also enforces the Houston Sign Code. 

Main Office - 1002 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77002 phone: 832.394.9000 Online Permit Line: 832.394.8852.

Maybe I’m just another sensitive Bich Nga? Don’t take my word for it investigate for yourself…